How do I benefit from the Putt Improver?

Thanks to the sophisticated technique of the training device, you will be helped from the 1st putt already. Thanks to the tension cords, "gates" and the different putt distances, you will quickly reduce your average putt and play more successfully on the

How do I handle the different parts or how do I put the Putt Improver together?

Depending on the selected model (In / Outdoor / Complete), you will find detailed instructions under "Products / Downloads"!

From which handicap is the Putt Improver useful?

The Putt Improver will make every golfer, regardless of age and handicap, a better player!

Is the Putt Improver available for left-handed people?

The Putt Improver can be operated both as a right-handed and a left-handed person.

Are there any special exercises / training instructions?

Yes, you can find them under the point "Downloads"!

We wish you fun and success!

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